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Thursday, July 31, 2014

Fulcrum Gallery Art Review

What does artwork have to do with looking good or feeling good?  A person’s surroundings have an impact on emotions, productivity, and creativity. Art can set moods, evoke emotions, inspire, and motivate.  Feeling good and being happy are essential to looking good. To quote Christian Dior, “Happiness is the secret to all beauty. There is no beauty without happiness.”
Monet Garden III by Bob Pettes

Clutter, noise, and chaos all can contribute to stress. By contrast, creating an environment that is simple and relaxing can help take stress away.  Stress not only weigh’s heavily on relationships, health, and emotions, but stress can show itself in your appearance. Your face can display creases, other signs of premature aging, and a poor complexion. Your hair can even suffer from stress, with thinning and possible hair loss.

It feels good to create an environment to decrease stress and that helps create a happy atmosphere. Artwork can help to create the preferred environment. Choosing appropriate artwork for your home can really help to create a comforting environment.

Last year I painted my living room, and since then I have been lax about putting any pictures back on the wall. I ordered an art print from The Fulcrum Gallery, who (in the interest of disclosure) offered me a free piece of art in return for my review.  The Fulcrum Gallery has a huge selection of art prints and posters to suit many tastes and purposes. All of their "Fine-art" prints are printed on archival acid free paper, using either the lithographic or serigraphic process.
picture on my wall Monet Garden III by Bob Pettes

The hardest part of making a selection was finding a picture my husband and I agreed on. I really like the serene landscapes that appear in Impressionist Art. After a lengthy discussion with my family, I chose a beautiful piece called "Monet Garden III" by Bob Pettes. This 19 x 15 print features a pond laden with lily pads and a bridge, in the style of Claude Monet. It has a beautiful yellowish-orange sky that compliments my butter-yellow wall.  I ordered it with an attractive frame.  The frame is lightweight, and turned out to not be as heavy as I thought it would be.
Corner Frame View of Monet Garden III from Fulcrum Gallery
A close-up view of the frame. 

I’ve found The Fulcrum Gallery to have great service. On their website, they even say “if you need help picking out a frame, feel free to call us!” The price of artwork can run quite high. I compared Fulcrum Gallery’s prices to other online stores with similar art prints, and they are reasonably priced. Plus Fulcrum Gallery has frequent sales.

My order arrived well packed and in a timely manner.  It even came with a hanger, so there was no need for me to go out to buy a picture hanger. I like the picture that hangs on my wall. It is peaceful and lends an air of sophistication to the room.

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