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Monday, February 18, 2013

Bangs: A Mid-life Crisis?

 In an interview with Raechel Ray, First Lady Michelle Obama attributed her new haircut with bangs to a mid-life crisis. The interview will air on Wednesday on Rachael Ray.

Mrs. Obama is known for her fashion sense and style. it 2006 Essence included her in their list of "25 of the World's Most Inspiring Women" and in 2007 and 2008 Vanity Fair named her one of the "World's 10 Best Dressed People." She is also number seven on Forbes list of the World's Most Powerful Women.

I've often gotten the urge for a new hairstyle when I reach different milestones of my life: a new job, a birthday, birth of a child, etc. A new hair style is a good way to get a boost in self-confidence and feel refreshed. A trip to the hair salon and a new look can also be fun. I don't know if I would necessarily call a switch to bangs is necessarily a sign of a mid-life crisis.

How to Dress for a Job Fair

On a recent day, my internet at home wasn’t working so I sat at the library to use the Wi-Fi. As I sat at the edge of the parking lot, I watched several people walk across. The unemployment office across from me was holding a job fair. During the time I sat working on my laptop, about 100 people passed by, hoping to find leads for jobs.

I saw men and women that were a variety of ages. Some wore suits, while others wore jeans, ball caps, and sneakers. Many were well-groomed, but a surprising few had greasy and untrimmed hair. I realized that there are obviously many people who have no idea how to dress to impress at a job fair. The goal is to look professional and competent, not sloppy.

Look sharp — suits, business wear, slacks, skirts, hosiery, etc. Don’t dress too casual, avoid jeans, sneakers, and t-shirts. Men look good with a button-up shirt or at least polo. Women should opt for business style blouses and button-up shirts. Go for a conservative look, with neutral makeup and minimal jewelry.

Wear clothes that fit — most of us grow it ways we’d rather not, and sometimes finding a pair of pants in our closet that fit is challenging. Please keep in mind that tight pants and high-water pants don’t look good.
Be organized — bring your résumé in a leather or faux leather folder or portfolio. It doesn’t look impressive to carry around a worn folder or peechee or spiral notebook stuffed with papers.

Don’t forget to look at your shoes — we can’t all afford top of the line footwear, but keep in mind that your shoes to help define your overall look. Dirty sneakers don’t impress anyone. Don’t ruin your look with scruffy and worn shoes that don’t fit your look that you are trying to project. You may be doing a lot of walking to look at different displays, and I do know the importance of comfortable footwear. Look for shoes that are clean, comfortable, and that look nice.

Walk tall — Good posture makes a valuable statement. Walk tall & proud because it will help you look more confident.
I know it’s not nice to judge people by their appearance, but unfortunately that is what happens. If you are going to a job fair or interview, you need to put your best foot forward to present a good image of yourself. While sitting that morning, watching people come and go, I got a mental picture of those who were serious job seekers and professional, and those who were sloppy and had a bad attitude. The important issue here is the psychological aspect of creating a positive image, which your choice of attire can impact.

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Thursday, February 14, 2013

Who is TV's Most Beautiful Woman?

Well, according to Maxim it's Elisha Cuthbert.The 30 year-old actress is known for her role on ABC's Happy Endings and was previously on the series 24. She's also stared in 2004s The Girl Next Door as porn star.  She appears the cover of Maxim's March issue. On the cover she dons a lovely purple one-piece swimsuit with gorgeously style hair. In an interview, as reported by E! Online, she had some humble sounding comments that deflected to several other of Hollywood's beauties - Kaley Cuoco, Sofia Vergara, Zooey Deschanel, and her co-stars Eliza Coupe and Casey Wilson.

Her look - She's usually seen with a more subdued, natural look.