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Monday, February 15, 2016

Slimmin Suzie Detox Body Wraps Review

Since I’d always been curious about body wraps, I responded to an opportunity to try the new Slimmin’ Suzie Detox Body Wraps. This salon-style detox wrap is supposed to reduce cellulite, reduce stretch marks, and reduce inches. They are marketed as a cheaper, do-at-home alternative to expensive spa body wraps. So does this self-proclaimed “Stars and Models Favorite” perform?
packets of detox clay from Slimmin Suzie Detox Body Wraps

Do Body Wraps Help You Lose Weight?

I’ve seen ads for body wraps that are supposed to help you lose weight and inches, and I’ve often wondered if they really work. The ingredients involved and the wrapping are supposed to detoxify your body and help you lose weight and/or inches of a particular area. I’ve always thought that these seem too good to be true. They seem rather expensive to try to only find out that it was just a gimmick.

So, as a skeptic I set out to research if there is any merit to these body wraps. Through a basic search of the internet about the topic body wraps to lose weight, I found a consensus that any result would be temporary water weight loss. According to the United States Federal Trade Commission (FTC), “There’s nothing you can wear or apply to your skin that will cause you to lose weight permanently.”

Considering the psychological aspect, losing weight is challenging and depressing. If you are unhappy with your appearance, buying new clothes and getting dressed up to go out to special events can be discouraging. Having a special treatment that works a little, albeit temporarily, can provide a little boost that helps you feel better. It feels good to zip up your pants easily, rather than it sucking in and struggling!

About Slimmin’ Suzie

So back to the Slimmin’ Suzie wraps — each kit comes with eight packets of clay powder and two ACE-like bandages. The bandages are sturdy enough to last for several applications. Below is the product information:
“SLIMMIN' SUZIE HAS PROVEN VOLCANIC CLAY WITH SALON INGREDIENTS THAT WERE PREVIOUSLY ONLY AVAILABLE IN SALONS. Your Body is Full of Metabolic Waste that has accumulated from an Unhealthy Diet, Cosmetics and the Environment. Too Many Environmental Toxins the Body Starts to Create more Lymphatic Fluid Around your Cells in an Effort to dilute them. All this Extra Fluid makes you Puffy. The Volcanic Clay Breaks Down the Stored Lymphatic Fluids and Toxins and then are eliminated by the Body. It Pulls Interstitial Fluid (liquid between the Cells of the Body) and Melts Away Inches from Wrapped Body Parts. Specially Designed to Extract the Toxins from Between the Cells, then the Space between the Cells where the Fluids and Toxins were is compacted and Compressed by the Elastic Bandage, Contouring and Reshaping your Body.”
I doubled up on my first treatment, using two packets of the clay treatment, to cover my abdomen and my rear end. It is easy to use and apply, and the volcanic clay treatment smells good. To use: boil about two to three cups of water — you’ll need enough water to cover the wraps in a bowl. Put the bandages in the hot water to soak for 10-15 minutes. Empty a packet of the clay mix in a bowl and add just enough hot water to get a creamy consistency. Apply the mud to the areas that you’d like to target: stomach, thighs, rear end, or arms. Then squeeze out the bandages and wrap them around, securing them with the metal clasps. Make sure to squeeze the excess liquid out, or you can end up drippy. I didn’t squeeze very well, and I ended up a little messy.
Slimmin Suzie Detox Clay Powder
Detox Clay Powder

Do They Work?

I got the Slimmin’ Suzie Body Wraps last week and was pleased with my results from the product.  My first application resulted in the loss of 2.5 pounds. I used my first treatment in the afternoon, after I’d already eaten breakfast and lunch. After applying the clay to my abdomen, hips, and rear end, I wrapped the area with the two bandage wraps. After an hour, I showered and weighed myself — I had actually lost 2.5 pounds during the past hour that I had been wearing the treatment. I was quite surprised!  I didn’t measure myself to see it there were inches lost, but I certainly felt less bloated. My skin also felt tighter and smoother. I also made sure to drink plenty of water to flush my system out.  At this point, I like where this is going. I see potential with using the other treatments that I have left in the box. The wrapped bandages can be covered with plastic wrap to keep the heat in. I didn’t do that, but I probably will on my next application because after a while, the heat wears off, and it does get rather chilly.
Bandage Wrap from Slimmin Suzie
Bandage Wrap

Overall, I’m pleased with my results from the product. I think the key is having the understanding that the result is temporary, and this is not a permanent solution to keeping inches or weight off. These are much cheaper than going to a spa for a similar treatment. I must also say after what I went through sitting around half-dressed, for an hour with these bandages wrapped around me, that I would much rather be in the privacy of my home. I did the treatment while my kids were at school, and I had the house to myself.

Slimmin’ Suzie Body Wraps are available on, and as of this writing, it is available at low introductory sale price. The company is easy to work with and has awesome customer service. 

I received a free Slimmin’ Suzie kit in return for my honest review.