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Tuesday, January 12, 2016

Yoga Stretch Strap by FiveFourTen to Boost Your Workout

I’ve never been very flexible, even back in middle school I had a hard time reaching my toes when I stretched. But, I’ve recently gotten a great tool to help my muscles get the most benefit from stretching. The Yoga Stretch Strap from FiveFourTen is a great addition to my workout routine.

It is made out of 100% cotton, and is very durable. It is eight feet long and has steel “D” rings on the end that make it adjustable. It is also washable.

I had never tried a yoga strap, when I received this in the mail. At first, I doubted that it would do much. I tried it and was pleasantly surprised.  It is a great tool for relieving tension in my shoulders and between the shoulder blades. I have discovered that I love using this, since it adds a new dimension to my ability to stretch my muscles.

It’s January, and I am trying to start my year off by mixing things up a bit with my routine. One way is incorporating this new strap to get some deeper stretches and to improve my posture.
If you have no idea what to do with a yoga strap, I have posted links to a couple of videos below. I really like one for improving posture.

The FiveFourTen Yoga Stretch Strap is available for a good price (under $10) at It even comes with a one-year warranty.

*I received the yoga strap that was mentioned above for free, in exchange for my honest review.