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Saturday, February 28, 2015

InstaNatural Facial Oil Cleanser Review

I am very meticulous when it comes to washing my face and removing my makeup before going to bed. I have skin than ranges from oily to dry in patches, and much depends on the products I use. I’ve heard of oil cleansing before and shrugged it off as being something that is not for me because I feared getting greasy skin and breaking out. I was given a bottle of InstaNatural Facial Oil Cleanser and Makeup Remover, and I figured I try it out.
bottle of InstaNatural Facial Oil Cleanser

InstaNatural Facial Oil Cleanser and Makeup Remover helps to lift dirt and remove impurities without removing the skin’s natural oils. It contains jojoba oil, olive oil, tamanu oil, hemp oil, passionflower, buckthorn oil, and wheat germ oil, with lavender, pink grapefruit, and geranium essential oils. It’s gentle and helps to get rid of makeup and dirt. To use this facial cleansing oil squirt some oil on cotton ball or cotton pad and gently wipe over your face. Then rinse your face with warm water and pat dry.

It has a great citrus-like scent. This oil is a perfect eye makeup remover. It gently gets mascara, eyeliner, and concealer off. I like using it at bedtime to remove my makeup, and it’s great all over my face, even though I didn’t think it would be. It is not as greasy, as I thought it would be, if I use only a small amount. Besides, I rinse with warm water and dry my face afterwards, which cuts down the oiliness. I wake up with nice, smooth skin when I’ve used it the night before.

As with all of InstaNatural’s products, it is available on with a money back guarantee if you aren’t satisfied.

The product mentioned above was given to me free-of-charge, in return for an honest review.

Friday, February 20, 2015

Natural Goal Ultimate Vitamin B Complex Review

I’ve been taking a B vitamin supplement for almost a year. I was experiencing fatigue, among some other issues, so my doctor advised me to take a supplement with B vitamins. They have helped give me a bit of a boost to feel better. I originally took the brand that my doctor recommended, which was a quality, high-potency pharmaceutical grade brand. Several weeks ago, I was given a chance to try Natural Goal Ultimate Vitamin B Complex for review.
100 capsule bottle of Natural Goal Ultimate Vitamin B Complex

 Natural Goal’s supplements meet extremely high standards, and Natural Goal holds quality and customer service high on their list of priorities. Natural Goal Ultimate Vitamin B Complex is an advanced complex for optimal effectiveness.

Benefits, as listed on the product information

• Supports healthy functioning of the muscles, nerves, and the heart.
• Helps regulate the nervous system supports metabolic processes.
• Helps regulate cholesterol levels and essential for normal growth and development
• Supports the immune functions and helps in breaking down proteins in the body.
• Helps regulate blood sugar levels and promote healthy hair, skin, and nails.
• Helps in the production and maintenance of DNA.

Natural Goal Ultimate Vitamin B Complex contains 50 mgs each of B1, B2, B3, B6, B12, and biotin; 25 mg each of Folate, PABA, Choline, and Initol; and 400 mcg of Folate. It does contain the Cyanocobalamin form of vitamin B12, which is a synthetic form of B12, as compared to methylocobalamin, which is a natural form of the vitamin that my previous B complex vitamins had. Cyanocobalamin is approved by the FDA and is commonly used in supplements. However, from some brief research that I’ve done, there does seem to be a bit of controversy with some people preferring methylocobalamin form over the other form. To some people this may make a difference, while to many this may not matter.

B vitamins are water soluble, which means they need to be replaced each day in your body because they do not build up any stores in the body. B vitamin complex helps to improve mood, reduce anxiety, and increase energy. It may also relieve symptoms of PMS. Vitamin B Complex can also benefit the skin, hair, and nails. It also supports the formation of red blood cells and keeps muscles, nerves, and the heart healthy.

The vitamins come in the form of a capsule that is about a standard size for vitamin capsules.  The smell and taste of these vitamins aren’t much different from other vitamin supplements that I’ve used. Overall, I’m pleased with the product. It seems to be good quality and perform well. Natural Goal’s products are reasonably priced, and seem to work as good as other brands, which I have used. My husband also used Natural Goal Vitamin B Complex and had no complaints. Natural Goal supplements are available to buy on

The item mentioned above was provided, free of cost, to the reviewer in exchange for an honest review.

Tuesday, February 3, 2015

Opal Apples Review

I love apples for snacks, lunch, or anytime. They are good with cheese, peanut butter, or Reese’s Spread. If I am particularly ambitious I put apples in pie, apple crisp, oatmeal, and the list goes on. I got a $5 off coupon from BzzAgent for Opal Apples, so I went to my local Fred Meyer and loaded up on some Opals.
Sliced Opal Apple

Apples have several health benefits, like being high in soluble fiber, helping to control weight, being good for heart health. They‘re also good for your dental health and stimulate saliva production.

Opal apples are a flavorful, sweet cross between Golden Delicious and Topaz apples.  They naturally don’t turn brown after you cut them. When I first heard this, I was skeptical. I thought that they must be GMO or that the claim must be an exaggeration. I’m happy to say Opal apples are not GMO and really don’t turn brown after cutting. They are good for kid’s lunches, since they like their apples sliced and these don’t turn brown easily.

About Opal Apples

The Opal apple was discovered in 1999 in Europe. Since then, the apple has been tested in 63 orchards throughout Europe and the Mediterranean. In 2010, the Opal made its way to the United States. It is grown exclusively at Broetje Orchards in Washington State.

This variety of apple is only available from November through March. They are also only grown by a particular grower, on limited acreage. They are also a little challenging to find in the store. To find a store near you check out Opal’s website

When I buy groceries, I like to save money.  Therefore, I originally scoffed at the price of Opals because I normally get whichever apples are on sale, typically costing half the price per pound of what the Opals go for. My family goes through lots of apples. Costing almost three dollars a pound, Opals may seem like a luxury.

When thinking that these apples cost more, consider this information taken from an Opal information sheet:
 “About First Fruits of Washington First Fruits of Washington is a collaborative apple marketing company owned by the growers, Broetje and Congdon Orchards. These growers share a commitment to producing high quality fruit while balancing the demands of purpose, people, planet and profit so that a portion of profits can be donated to non-profit missions supporting the underserved. For more information, visit

•10% of profits from First Fruits of Washington are donated to non-profits each year. Employees of First Fruits form a committee and approval all charitable giving.
•Each grower also commits to contributing a minimum of 10% of their profits to charitable causes, with Broetje Orchard donating 50% or more to charities around the globe
•Broetje Orchards invests heavily in their employees and community, providing affordable housing, daycare and school as well as adult classes which accommodate work schedule”