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Friday, September 26, 2014

eSalon Hair Color Review

I’ve used lots at-home hair color. My passion for using hair color started because I crave variety and love to try new and exciting looks. Then I evolved into to trying to hide my gray hairs, striving to retain my youth for as long as possible. The gray hair has brought a challenge to using hair color, though, because most that claim to provide gray coverage seem to only cover it for a short time, and then the color quickly fades away after shampooing.

I’d love to go to a salon each time I color, but my budget just doesn’t allow that. About a month ago, I had the opportunity to try eSalon hair color for free, through BzzAgent. I’d heard about eSalon, but wondered if it was really any better than the color that comes in the boxes at the drugstore. Most importantly, to me, would it give gray hair long-lasting color?

The Process

When ordering hair color from eSalon, first you must make a profile by answering some questions about your hair, color, and uploading a current photo. The hardest part, for me, was trying to choose what hair color I wanted to have from the options they gave.  The eSalon colorists customize each order for each client by reviewing the profile and photo. Each order comes with the custom blended hair color, developer, and personalized instructions. It also comes with packets of shampoo, conditioner, stain guard, stain remover, and disposable gloves.

eSalon package I got in mail

Coloring with eSalon

My package from eSalon arrived, and I opened it to find the goodies. I really like the way it comes packaged. The personalization, with my name on it, makes me feel special. In my kit from eSalon, I received two different bottles of color: one for applying to my roots and one for the ends of my hair. They each came with corresponding bottles of developer.

I was happy with the results. My hair turned out soft and shiny. The color was rich and even.
I will note that it does take time and patience applying the color. Follow the directions, sectioning the hair with clips, and make sure you take time to put color on all the hair. The two different colors, that I needed to use, made the process take longer than normal, but it was well worth it. Since the ends of my hair were lighter than my roots, the two applications helped the different colors of my hair blend better, for a more uniform color that looks great. The extra time spent is well worth it. If I were using boxed dye from the store, it is unlikely that I would ever think of buying two boxes of different shades. If I did, I would have no idea how to match two colors to get my hair to turn out even.
my hair after eSalon hair color

eSalon and gray coverage

After being disappointed several times with hair color seemingly to wash off the gray hair just days after coloring, long-lasting color is important to me. How did eSalon hold up? I have to say it’s the best color that I’ve used! As I write this, it has been about four weeks since I colored and the only gray showing is a bit of fresh growth peeping through. The color has lasted very well. This alone has me hooked.

Other eSalon products

eSalon carries a line of other products to keep hair color looking fresh and tools to get the coloring job done. They sell several items to make coloring easier: hair clips, mixing bowls, coloring brushes, and other tools. They also have shampoo, conditioner, and other treatments to help the color last longer.

The Heart Lock it Color Safe Shampoo gently cleans color-treated hair. It is sulfate-free and protects color treated hair. It leaves my hair soft, but my oily scalp doesn’t know what to make of it.

eSalon’s Love Unconditionally Color Safe Conditioner gives color treated hair moisture and shine. It, too, is sulfate-free. It nourishes hair and helps to prevent hair from getting damage or breaking from chemical treatments. It does a good job moisturizing my hair, giving it shine and silkiness. However, after using the eSalon’s color-safe shampoo, my hair doesn’t feel like it needs conditioning or anything on it that could weigh it down or cause it to feel oily.

The Tinted Love Color enhancing treatment has been great for keeping my hair color fresh and has given it an extra boost.

Overall, I’m pleased with the results that I got from eSalon.  The color is custom blended, and I think it turns out better than boxed hair color with a one-size-fits-all approach. So, check it out.

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