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Monday, May 13, 2013

Nectresse Sweetener Review

 Nectresse is a no calorie sweetener that is naturally derived. It is made by the maker of SPLENDA. It is derived from the monk fruit, which I had never heard of prior to getting this product. Monk fruit is a member of the melon family that grows in Asia.

What's in it? Monk fruit extract, a touch of sugar, erythritol (a natural sugar alcohol), and molasses.

It's got endless possibilities. There are packets for sprinkling in tea, coffee, or over anything else. It also comes in a canister to easily scoop out for recipes. It's actually great in baking, cutting calories so you don't have to feel guilty. The Nectresse website has great recipes to try.

Nectresse sweetener tastes good. There is no bitter aftertaste, as occurs with other sugar substitutes. I also like that there are no chemicals, like are found in artificial sweeteners, that may have negative health effects.

A little goes a long way because it is more concentrated than regular cane sugar. So it helps to just sprinkle in a little at a time until you get the sweetness you want, otherwise it's easy to get a surprise. I use it in my coffee, tea, and sprinkled on berries. 

Disclosure: I received these products complimentary from Influenster for testing purposes.