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Monday, June 23, 2014

ProFoot Products to Make Feet Happy and Comfortable

ProFoot brings comort and pampering to feet with an inexpensive price tag. Feet put up with lots of abuse, standing, running, and supporting us in all we do. ProFoot products can help. Through Influenster and the GoVoxBox (#GoPROFOOT) I got to try the Triad Orthotic Insoles and the Pedi-Rock.

Exercise is good for your body and general health, but your feet bear the brunt of a workout. Many of us also must stay on our feet all day for work. No one wants to go around in discomfort or pain. Orthoitc shoe inserts can help give feet support and cushion.

ProFoot Triad Orthotic Insoles
putting Profoot Triad Orthotic to use in my shoe

I have old shoes that I use for most of my daily activities and exercising. With that being said, I love using new insoles. I have to put inserts in my shoes because my feet need more support than my shoes provide. I have higher arches that require support, or else my feet and lower back ache.

I’ve been using the Triad Orhotic shoe inserts for a few weeks and love them. My feet feel so comfortable. I’ve tried several brands of shoe inserts, some being quite costly. ProFoot’s orthotic insoles are inexpensive and do a great job.  The ProFoot Triad Orthotic insoles are great for preventing feet from getting fatigued and decreasing knee, leg, and back pain from poor foot alignment. They have a triple action design to support arches, heels, and balls of the feet. They also provide shock absorption.

Although I received this pair free, I will be buying future pairs of insoles from ProFoot.

ProFoot Pedi-Rock
ProFoot Pedi Rock in use on my foot

Dry, cracked, callused feet aren’t attractive. Besides being unsightly they can snag socks and hosiery, as well as scratch your honey if you play footsie. The unique Pedi-Rock by ProFoot is a neat way to get rid of calluses and rough skin. It is made with a foam base that gives it softness, like a sponge, but it has a rough textured exterior, for filing to slough off dry, rough skin. The Pedi-Rock uses silicon carbide crystals to provide its roughness for filing.

The Pedi-Rock uses a unique design that has three times the surface area of other brands, and it conforms to the curve of your heel. It’s easy to use, and can be used either wet or dry.
It’s summer now and time for sandals and going barefoot. It’s great to have something to gently remove calluses and dry skin to keep my feet looking nice.

The ProFoot products can be purchased at Walmart,, and other retailers without spending lots of money. At the time of this writing, Profoot’s website has 1$ off coupon available. Your feet can get a little feeling of luxury easily.

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