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Monday, February 15, 2010

Book Review - The Georgeously Green Diet Book

A few weeks ago I completed reading the Gorgeously Green Diet Book by Sophie Uliano. The goal of the Gorgeously Green Diet is to help lessen eco-impact and improve health. There is a 6 step pledge to help you define your goals. The author offers 3 different diet plans, to suit different individual needs and personal desires.

I read the book at the perfect time. Last year I made some major changes to my diet. I had been dependent on frozen dinners and fast food. Most of the time I felt exhausted and had little energy. I felt so depleted and knew that something needed to change. I visited a naturopathic doctor, who advised me that I needed to change what I eat. I was never into cooking, and lacked creativity. So this book was a welcome addition to my home, with all the recipes in it.

The are several good points to the book:

  • The author urges the reader to consider the eco-impact of the foods you buy - packaging, chemicals, preservatives, genetically modified ingredients, hormone riddled dairy. Also use re-usable shopping bags. Don't use polystyrene cups or "doggy" boxes for take out. One should also carry a re-usable water bottle.
  • There are tips for cutting down portion sizes.
  • There is a discussion about truth behind labeling. "Natural" doesn't mean much. Label claims such as, "made with whole wheat," "natural," "0 trans fat," and "high in fiber" mean very little. The consumer needs to read the fine print.
  • The book urges the use of certified organic produce, dairy, eggs, and meat. The book gives good, detailed reasons why to choose organic. Also urges buying organic/fair trade coffee, tea, and chocolate.
  • Lists certain products & food additives to avoid such as, artificial sweeteners and chemical preservatives.
  • The book promotes cooking from scratch, rather than buying pre-packaged convenience foods. It saves money and is healthier.
  • There are tips for eating out and travelling.
  • List of good foods to stock up on.
  • Tells how to scout out a grocery store.
  • Tips to make your kitchen more energy efficient.
  • The book contains 100+ recipes.
  • There is a chapter on exercise, with instructions for strengthening exercises and yoga poses.
  • discusses supplements
  • There is a chapter on the how to's of starting a garden.
  • There are some good ideas for non-toxic/eco friendly cleaning
  • The book even talks about non-toxic skin care.
I would recommend this book for anyone looking to change their eating habits for the better or anyone looking for some cooking ideas.

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