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Sunday, January 17, 2010

Natural Solutions Magazine

I'd like to bring Natural Solutions magazine to your attention. It's been around since 1994. First it was known as Alternative Medicine, then in February 2008 it became known as Natural Solutions. Their website is full of wonderfully, useful information, and there is a free e-newsletter to sign up for. The website has recipes, articles, and a section for coupons & free samples. There is also a link to view a free sample issue of the magazine online.


  1. Thanks for the kind words--from all the editors at Natural Solutions, we're excited that you like our magazine and website. We're now updating the site weekly with new features that offer all sorts of practical tips for treating common conditions naturally. If you saw an article you liked or if you want to us to cover something specific, email us directly at Thanks again!

  2. As a Natural Health Practitioner, reiki master, quantum touch practitioner and reflexologist, I've never let my friends forget to search out complementary therapies and give them a try.