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Sunday, October 25, 2009

"If I make one tiny positive change today, I consider myself green. It can be as simple as flicking off a light switch or buying an organic
apple. My motto is one change makes a difference, and if you can make
tow, that's even better!" Sophie Uliano, Gorgeously Green 8 Simple steps to an Earth-Friendly Life.
The above quote is from a book that I just started reading. I'm so excited! So far I've only read the introduction, but the book looks like an informative and awesome read. The books offers eco-friendly tips in the areas of beauty, home, fitness, style, food, travel, and gardening. So I eagerly await finishing the book and being able to blog about the results.

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  1. Great way to start off a new page in your book. Go green! And this book requires no heavy-duty investments or lots of time, it's just some really simple things that you can do to help the earth.