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Saturday, July 18, 2015

Anaiti Advanced Eye Gel Review

My under eye area is a problem, and it has been since I was in my teens. I’ve fought dark circles and puffiness for a long time, and I’ve used many products that claim the ability to fix them. So far, I haven’t found a miracle cure. There are so many causes for dark under eye circles and puffiness, like allergies or genetics. I’m always game to try a new eye product, to see what happens. Even if I get a small improvement, I’ll be happy. Most recently, I’ve been using Anaiti Advanced Eye Gel
bottle of Anaiti eye gel

It is supposed to help combat fine lines, wrinkles, eye bags, crow’s feet, dry skin, dark circles, and puffiness.

I tried using it both in the morning and at bedtime. I recommend using it at night to help eyes look more refreshed in the morning. I found that using it during the day didn’t work out very well for me. It did not absorb very well and prevented my makeup from blending in. I do use under eye concealer, due to having a dark under eye area, and with applying the eye gel several minutes before my makeup I ended up with my makeup looking heavy and clumpy. I have gotten compliments recently that I look well rested, so the subtle difference that I saw must be noticeable.

As Anaiti’s other products, the Advanced Eye Gel is cruelty-free and paraben-free. It is available on, and has a money back guarantee if you aren’t satisfied.

I received a free 0.5 fl. oz. bottle of eye gel in return for my honest review, through a promotion.

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