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Sunday, September 16, 2012

Tired Feet? Try Peppermint Foot Lotion

When I have to wear shoes all day, especially when I've had a long day of standing and walking my feet get so HOT and TIRED. I get home and just want something to make them feel better. I love peppermint - it's good for cooling and soothing skin. Peppermint foot lotion does wonders for tired feet.
If you’ve been on your feet all day and have tired, sweaty feet, peppermint lotion might be one treat they need. Feet support your body throughout the day, and can end up tired and achy. A foot massage can do wonders to feel better, if you have had a rough day. There are many benefits to using a foot cream or lotion with peppermint.

Peppermint is known to relieve tense, sore muscles. It can rejuvenate and refresh tired feet.

In aromatherapy, peppermint is used to re-energize and revitalize the senses. It is uplifting and can improve your mood. So if you need a little energy boost, sniffing some peppermint may be what you need.

Depending on your footwear, your feet may be hot and sweaty and in need of some cooling power. The menthol contained in peppermint gives skin a cooling sensation, and it feels invigorating. Peppermint can help soothe irritated skin. When combined with the moisturizers in lotion, it can be great for dry skin.

A wonderful lotion to try is Burt’s Bees Peppermint Foot Lotion. It is made with natural ingredients that include not only peppermint and menthol, but vegetable glycerin, coconut oil, and other natural plant oils. It softens feet and smooths calluses, while reviving tired feet — not to mention giving them a fresh minty scent.
If your feet have put up with some abuse, or if they just need a little pampering, try using peppermint lotion. You can also add peppermint oil to a foot scrub or soak. It is good for not only your feet, but also your whole body and emotional well-being.

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