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Sunday, September 16, 2012

Lubriderm Soothing Relief Daily Lotion for Treating Dry, Itchy Skin

Lubriderm has been helping to treat dry skin for many years. Using a moisturizer regularly can help keep skin hydrated and soft.  We are very dependent on our hands for most of the work that we do — cleaning, washing dishes, writing, gardening, manual labor, and so much more. After working or exposure to water or cold, they may need a little extra care. Skin can get dry, cracked, tight feeling, and cry out for some moisture. It’s hard when hands feel miserable from being dry and chapped.
I go through a lot of lotion and moisturizing creams. I like to keep lotion or hand cream handy in the places that I seem to need it most — usually near the kitchen and bathroom sink to use after washing. I also need to have some available when I go out, so having a container of moisturizer in my car or purse is great.  So if you can’t stand the feeling of tight, dry, itchy skin, then lotion or hand cream is essential. 

Lubriderm contains emollients to soften and nourish skin. They have a variety of lotions and creams for different moisturizing needs. My favorite Lubriderm pick is their Soothing Relief Daily Lotion. It relieves tight, itchy skin. It quickly absorbs into skin and provides long-lasting moisturizing. It makes skin feel good right away. The formula isn’t too oily or greasy. The Soothing Relief Daily Lotion has menthol, without having an overpowering scent. It gives skin a cooling sensation for soothing and calming itchy, irritated skin. It is slightly invigorating. The lotion is great for using all over the body, especially to refresh tired feet.

updated 3/26/14

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