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Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Hard Night Good Morning Facial Cocktail

I received a sample for Hard Night Good Morning Facial Cocktail. It is made by D'Andra Simmons. I had not heard of this company before. It is aloe based, and it contains powerful antioxidants, essential oils, and a proprietary blend of botanical extracts. It also has Gatuline and Osilift in it. I'm still unsure of the exact ingredients, as they are not listed in the literature or website. The product promises to tighten, tone, and firm the skin. It also is supposed to invigorate and hydrate the complexion. According to the company it is formulated with the finest ingredients to address the visible signs of aging.

My work schedule varies. I work many late nights and early mornings. I'm also a mom to 2 busy boys. When I heard about this cream I thought it sounded like a miracle in a little jar. The price told me that it'd better be a miracle. A 1 fl. oz. bottle sells for $155. There is a whole line with am cleanser, pm cleanser/makeup remover, facial cocktail/serum, eye cream, detox toner, daytime moisturizer, nighttime moisturizer, and detox mineral mask.

I've used the facial cocktail for 3 weeks. After 3 weeks of use, my wrinkles are less pronounced and my skin is smoother and softer. It smells really good. I did get complements about my complexion. I have always had dark circles under my eyes that it did nothing for (as it says to avoid contact with the eye area.) In all fairness, though, I did not try the cream specifically for the eye area. I have searched my entire life for something to help the purpleness under my eyes go away.

The Hard Night Good Morning line is currently on sale for 50% off. I tend to be a thrifty shopper and would buy it on sale. I have a problem spending $155 for a little jar of face cream.

I have a sample packet left and will give it away to the first person to leave a comment here. Just leave a comment about how you try to look refreshed in the morning when you've had a hard night.


  1. I use cold tea bags, but it only helps a little. I'm 60 years old. I try to stay hydrated, but sometimes a girl's gotta have her morning coffee.


  2. Thank you for bringing this line to my attention - it sounds divine. A must try!