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Tuesday, April 12, 2016

Lip Smacker Liquid Sponge-On Lip Gloss Review

Sometimes I'm in the mood to wear lip gloss. The shine from lip gloss can make your lips look plumper, so I'll dab a bit over my lip color. A few days ago I got a tube of Lip Smacker Liquid Sponge-On Lip Gloss in the mail. 

I really liked the shine, which seems to be long-lasting as long (as you don't eat, drink or lick your lips). It was moisturizing and left my lips feeling softer and hydrated after the gloss was worn off.

The price on the listing for the particular vendor of this gloss was more than I would normally want to pay for a 0.09 fl. oz.; tube of what is normally an inexpensive brand, like Lip Smacker. Lip Smacker Liquid Sponge-On Lip Gloss is available on Note: if you follow the link to the listing I've mentioned, the listing says "birthday cake" flavor, and the actual flavor is "red velvet." The flavor difference didn't really matter to me, but I can see how some people may have an issue with it.

*disclaimer: I was given a free tube of the above mentioned lip gloss in return for my honest review.

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