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Thursday, March 7, 2013

Can Sweet Almond Oil Be Used on Hair?

There are lots of hair oils, and many of these oils can be used for skin care, as well as many other things. Sweet almond oil is one of these versatile oils. It is a light oil that is great for using on your hair and scalp. Most of us want healthy, beautiful hair, and almond oil is one way to help. Hair oil is good for moisturizing, conditioning, and giving hair luster.

Moisturizes Scalp
Sweet almond oil is full of vitamin E and essential fatty acids, which make it good for conditioning. It reduces itchiness and inflammation on the scalp.
To use sweet almond oil you can use it as a hot oil treatment. Apply it and cover with a shower cap. Let it sit for 30 minutes, then shampoo. You can also put it on before bed, and washing in the morning. A few drops of almond oil can also be added to your regular conditioner to give it a boost.
Tame Frizzies
Another of sweet almond oil uses is, to make hair smooth and shiny, by reducing fizziness and sealing the cuticle. If you are between trims and have spilt ends, rubbing a drop or two on the hair ends can give you a temporary fix.
 When using it, keep in mind that a little can go a long way. Start with only a couple of drops, so you do not end up with a greasy mess.
Hair Growth
Many people use sweet almond oil to prevent hair loss or to help stimulate hair growth. Almond oil is full of nutrients that contribute to healthy hair. It may also be less due to the almond oil and more due to the stimulation of hair follicles by massaging. Regular massage helps the scalp have better circulation, which is good for hair growth.
Use as a Carrier Oil
Many essential oils, like rosemary, have wonderful benefits and healing properties. However, they shouldn’t be used alone in full concentration. Sweet alone oil is a good base or carrier oil for combining with other oils.

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